take an orange from the basket and peel it whichever way you want, take the peel completely off and as you take each piece of peel drop it on the ground, wherever. leave it for me to find.




materials : silicone, pine needles, found photographs from nashville from the late 80s-early 90s about recycling, found and dried plant material, cheese cloth, glass, craft foam, blue construction foam, chains, scrap wood, black house paint, ultramarine blue chalk, pastel, paint, found rope, xerox photocopies, paper, snails, plastic twine, wool thread, found branch, dried orange peels, beeswax, a rainstorm, buckets, other debris. 

if you see any mounds when you are out in the world (mound being any pile of dirt, earth, debris that is the result of some action by a human or human-machine system) take a photo of the mound and email it to jesslynnclay@gmail.com subject line: "a mound for you"